Backhanded compliments for an alluring wine

‘WHAT DO YOU think of the (insert mass-produced wine name here)?” a man asked as he took a seat at the bar.

The wine in question was the cheapest wine by the glass that we had. In fact, it was the absolute least-expensive option in the entire restaurant. It was so inexpensive that it actually cost less than most of our draft beers. Throw in the fact that it was also chardonnay — a varietal for which exceptional versions can run easily 10 to 20 times more — and the odds that it was going to be great were not high.

“It’s not bad for an inexpensive chardonnay,” I said, voicing what should have been fairly obvious.

“I can’t believe you said that!”

“Said what?”

“He Said, She Said: Burkhart & Hepworth ~Author Spotlight Series

“Read-off” of humor-filled true tales of Marin at its cocktailing and dining best… by Marin IJ’s “Barfly” and Chalet Basque Waitress Extraordinaire!

5/20 Tuesday 7pm – 8:30pm:Marin History Museum ● 1125 B Street ● San Rafael, CA 94901 ● 415-454-8538

Barfly at Great Chef’s and Wineries!

The Barfly is Watching!

Popular Marin IJ Columnist and celebrity mixologist Jeff Burkhart will be mixing and shaking martinis all for a good cause at Great Chef’s and Wineries benefiting Lifehouse.

Copies of his book:

Twenty Years Behind Bars: the spirited adventures of a real bartender

will also be available.

Stop by and say hi, or get a martini, or both!


Fireman’s Fund, Novato

Saturday 26, 5:30 PM

Barfly Book Signing and Talk at Wildfox Restaurant

The Barfly is Watching!

Popular Marin IJ Columnist Jeff Burkhart will give his take on cocktails, culture and class with selected readings from his new book

 Twenty Years Behind Bars: the spirited adventures of a real bartender.

Be there or beware, what you learn could keep you out of his next column!

Books will be available for signing and for sale at the event.

April 22, 7 PM  Free

Wildfox Restaurant

Barfly interview on KRCB!

Take 20 years of experience, a healthy dose of human foibles, stir in a way with words and add alcohol—mix well and you’ve got an entertaining account of life as seen from the other side of the bar.


DISHCRAWLING Under the Mountain


Tuesday March 18th  7pm

Author/columnist/bartender Jeff “the Barfly” Burkhart will be tagging along with Kevin Ries and the rest of the crew for the first ever Marin County DISHCRAWL in Mill Valley. Come eat with neighbors and friends in the foodiest town in the North Bay.  Chefs of three restaurants (as yet unnamed) invite you to explore a progressive dinner through their culinary delights in the heart of Downtown, followed by an optional Surprise Afterparty!

Let’s see if you can guess who, what and where.

Copies of Burkhart’s new book Twenty Years Behind Bars: the spirited adventures of a real bartender will also be available. Come see how it’s done, Barfly style. 

Tickets start at $45

  Reservations and info here:

Barfly guest speaker at SF Chocolate Salon!

The Barfly will be appearing at Taste TV’s International Chocolate Salon

March 15, Noon

Chocolate liquor? Or liquor and chocolate? Does it matter? The Barfly will explain.

Author/columnist/bartender Jeff “the Barfly” Burkhart will be on hand to explain the relationship between chocolate and liquor by demonstrating the construction of three signature cocktails. He will begin with the simply divine and move on up to the complexly sublime. See why chocolate liquor can mean two totally different things!

Q and A to follow. Samples will be available.


Persistence and patience can pay off

THE BLOND MAN stood back a respectful distance from those already seated. Patiently, he waited for a place to open up at the bar. He didn’t verbalize the fact that he was waiting nor did he jockey back and forth for position. He also didn’t harrumph or ahem. He merely stood.

When a woman came in slightly after him, he allowed her to sit first. He was, in fact, a pleasure to behold. Finally a seat became available, and in simple fashion he sat. Raising one finger at the ceiling, he gave me a nod.

Dance with the one that brought ya

SHE PLUNKED HER large Louis Vuitton knock off purse right down on the postprandial crumbs of a previous encounter, ensuring that for the breadth of her experience debris was going to be part of the equation. But, I got the immediate impression that debris often played a part in her equation.

Savvy people will wait just one extra second for the bartender to clean up the mess, before sitting down; the un-savvy will not. But savvy is what someone learns after interacting with many people over many years. Savvy is recognizing the real, and savvy is also recognizing the phony. But I digress.

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